Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Zara tells us how her race plan usually pans out

In anticipation of competing in the Foundation Clinic Mauao Half Marathon this weekend, I’ve been contemplating the ideal race plan. I’m taking this week’s event as a good opportunity to check my fitness levels and test out some different gear and nutrition strategies. We all have our own necessities and rituals when preparing for a [...]

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Rob gives us his hard-learned tips on how to get through the tough bits of a race

In my head… I had just shuffled back into the driveway after my first ever continuous road run in excess of 30km and I was feeling pretty shattered, but rather pleased with myself. It was a few weeks out from my first marathon and the 30km mark had been a significant milestone on the training [...]

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Brent tells us about supporters …and how to keep them supporting you!

Supporters, what is it that they say? Behind every great person there is a team waiting to take the credit? Honestly though, we all rely on a support network to help us with both our training and on race day. Some of our supporters help us as training buddies (or as my daughter says “rumming [...]

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The very experienced Icebug/CEP Inspirer Rob gives us trail running tips

Technically Speaking… When I began trail running seriously and set out to research and read as much as I could about the subject, one thing that puzzled me somewhat were all these references to ‘Technical Trails’. I couldn’t quite reconcile the term ‘Technical’ with my own experience of wilderness paths and wild landscapes. My background [...]

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer sorts out his running. And his breathing.

“Right,” said Claire, “Lie flat on your back and breathe.” “Ok”, I thought, “I can do this.” As it happens, I can’t. (Or at least, not very well). Apparently something the rest of the human race learned on arrival and relegated to automatic behaviour escaped me for some reason. This bodes not well for my [...]

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Icebug/CEP Inspirer Zara let’s us all in on her training secrets

In the build up to any event, planning your training can be a finicky thing. There’s always the questions of how fast, how often, and how far, to determine that little sweet spot between training enough to improve your fitness without over-exhausting yourself or causing injury (although I’m no expert at getting this right. In [...]

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