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2015 UltrAspire Hillary Aspirer Caleb vs The Excitement


It’s the final countdown! Whoop whoop! Caleb tells us about the pure happiness that is working towards a magnificent race like The Hillary …..

With less than two weeks until the Hillary race it is fair to say I am now getting very excited. I’m not sure exactly what is driving that excitement…I mean, I don’t expect to win the race or even place well. I’m not going to set a course record, and will be stoked just to crack the two hour mark. So why am I going to sleep dreaming about this race? Maybe it’s because my family is going to be at the finish line…and hearing my boys cheer me on is the most rewarding encouragement anyone could ever want. Maybe it’s because I feel like a semi-pro athlete…I had a three quarter page story in the Weekend Herald, I have my own blog, I run with UltrAspire gear…the best gear there is! How did slow old me get this kind of exposure?! Maybe I’m excited because I love trail running and this race will be by far my longest ever trail race, on some amazing tracks with breath-taking views. But I think the main thing exciting me is that I have prepared the best I can. This is the most serious I have been about a race and the most committed to training and eating I have been. Considering I have three young boys, a wife to spend time with, a full time job as a teacher, full time study, and other hobbies and life chores, I feel like I’ve got in a good amount of training relevant to my busy life…I’ve done some slow hill runs, I’ve done runs on trails, stair repeats and speed work…just last night on the treadmill I ran my fastest ever time over 5kms…18:01. Most importantly, I have done this training and still kept a balanced lifestyle where nothing else has been sacrificed…I’m spending more time with my sons…today we went bush walking and to the playground. My studying hasn’t suffered at all either…tonight I got my latest marks back…a pass with distinction! So thank you to Lactic Turkey and UltrAspire…because of you I have been forced to manage my time better and ensure the things that are important to me are all given time, and I’m making sure that each of them gets my full attention. Becoming an UltrAspire blogger has forced me to snip out the needless parts of my life that don’t make much difference to feeling complete…like reducing watching TV, and worrying less about house chores…and using that extra time for the good stuff…the family time, the running, even studying is more fun after having a good day with the kids and the endorphins are still kicking from a hearty training run. So good luck to all fellow Hillary entrants and I hope you’re getting as excited about this very cool race as I am.

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