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2015 UltrAspire Hillary Aspirer Caleb vs Sir Ed

image“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” said a wise man once (Sir Edmund Hillary was that wise man of course). Caleb tells us about conquering his Everest …
First off…don’t be fooled by the title of this blog…I’m not comparing myself to or competing with Sir Edmund Hillary. His amazing feats earned him a spot on the $5 note…my achievements so far wouldn’t even be enough to get me on the 10 cent piece! What the title is alluding to is the fact that like Sir Edmund I am facing up to MY “Everest.” Ironically it’s on a race named after the first man to climb Everest! See, we all have an “Everest”…a challenge that we want to “knock off.” It could be bungy-jumping, completing a marathon, or travelling the world. My current “Everest” is not just completing, but competing in, the Hillary trail race…only the 16km race…but that is still twice as far as I’ve ever raced on a trail. And that’s the thing…I said “only” the 16km race, but we are often too quick to dismiss our achievements. 16km is nothing compared to some of my crazy ultra running mates…but completing 16km on a tough trail will be an enormous achievement for me. So if anyone reading this is thinking of attempting THEIR Everest…whether it’s a race (this Hillary trail race is a good one to do just quietly) or any other goal you’ve been dreaming of…just do it. Don’t let others put you off or make it seem small. It is YOUR dream…it matters…and you can achieve it!
On a side note…I realised again just how amazing Sir Ed is and just how high he climbed. Last week I ran up Mt Karangahake and Mt Te Aroha, and next week I’m running up the Pinnacles. Those are the three highest peaks in my region with a combined total of 2200 metres. That sounds impressive until your remember that Sir Ed climbed FOUR times that when he conquered Everest at 8800 metres! The man!
On a further side note…once you have completed one challenge on your bucket list (an Everest) you get more confident that you can do more and dream even bigger. The more you do the more your self confidence and self belief grows. So go for it! Some of MY other “Everests” so far in my life have included a range of things…like dancing at a music festival all night sober (so liberating- it turns out that nobody actually gives a damn how you dance and alcohol isn’t actually needed to have a good time), I’ve run for 12 hours straight, and I’ve seen my two most favourite performers ever- Eminem and Eric Clapton- live in concert up close.
So without sounding like Socrates I would like to offer one small piece of advice…stop saying “one day” and make that day TODAY…start your dream today! The hardest step is the first step…but once you make that first step, the journey to the summit will be life-changing!
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  1. Chris March 3, 2015 at 7:42 am - Reply

    Te Aroha is a beast of a climb bro. Good stuff!

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