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The Hillary event gives all profits raised from the event to a on-profit charitable trust – The Hillary Trail Run Charitable Trust.

Lactic Turkey Events created and manages the event.

All profits made by the event will be distributed by the Trust to fund youth projects in the Waitakere Ranges.  The Trust will also pursue other sources of funding to help us achieve the goals for the trust.

The Trust will be in place to manage the event and to support achieving the Trusts aspirations.

The Trust would ask for applications from community groups for funding to assist groups, particularly of young people, to participate in the aspirations and goals of the Trust.

The aspirations and goals of the Trust are:

  1. To promote care and stewardship of the parkland, in accordance with the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act and the Regional Parks Management Plan;
  2. To inspire people of all ages to experience running, walking, tramping and camping in the Auckland region’s open spaces particularly the Waitakere Ranges;
  3. To enable the learning of new outdoor skills;
  4. To provide opportunities for building physical and mental confidence in an enjoyable way;
  5. To provide a sense of adventure in a wilderness setting; despite the Hillary Trail’s proximity to Auckland City the trail is rugged and challenging and delivers a powerful wilderness experience to walkers or runners, just as Sir Edmund Hillary would have dreamed .
  6. To provide opportunities for groups to assist in the care and stewardship of the parkland in consultation with the Auckland Council.