Just another update on the Council declining the event.

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Just another update on the Council declining the event.

A bunch of supporters emailed the councillors asking them questions like: “Why is the proposed Hillary Trail event not on the agenda for discussion at the Parks, Recreation and Heritage Forum meeting you are attending tomorrow?   This is despite the Auckland Council Staff recommending the event should go ahead in a report that was due to be presented at that meeting. Supporters received emails back from a number councillors saying they were not happy with the decision and didn’t know why it was no longer on the agenda and they would ask at the meeting.

So at the meeting it was requested to be added to the agenda and in the end, got 30 minutes of discussion. There were plenty of hard questions asked by a number of councillors, thanks to our supporters emails raising this issue.

A few councillors have since contacted me for more information and said they will continue to follow up on this. They have requested information from council officers including the draft report which was prepared to be presented to the Parks Forum meeting but wasn’t given the chance. They are not happy that a process has not been followed and would not necessarily have made the same decision if they had all the information.

Thanks for your support and I’ll keep you updated as I hear anything.

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