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2015 Introducing our 4th UltrAspire Hillary Aspirer – Russell

Last but not least in the UltrAspire Hillary Aspirers who are sharing their lead up to The Hillary event on the 14th March in return for a kit out of UltrAspire gear is Russell.  Russell is our newbie or least experienced runner of the group so it will be good to see what he learns and experiences leading up to the big day!

Here is Russell’s application letter.

Hi Guys,

I’m keen on being an Aspirer for the event as a first timer!

Back Story:

Since new years’ resolutions are made to be broken I didn’t make any this year. But upon reflection of last year I have consciously made some commitments to change, namely in two areas. First, being around my habits towards food and alcohol and second rediscovering the things that I love. Without intended to sound like I am heading towards a mid-life crisis, (I am not) it has occurred to me that we go deeper and deeper into work and our perceived commitments and along the way either forget what we love doing or why we loved it in the first place. It is my intent to change both of these in 2015.

The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same things over and over but expect a different result. Since I don’t care to liken myself to an insane person, I am actively doing things differently. Infectiously, this is seeping quite broadly into different parts of my life and has so far seen me drinking lemon and mint infused water daily, turning my showers to complete cold before getting out (while trying not to publically scream in the gym) and now……. Registering to run The Hillary – but just the baby 16 km event (at least as soon as pay day rolls around in January).

Why? I know that I used to love the outdoors. I loved the scenery, I loved the fresh air and I love the freedom that comes with the connection to nature and leaving the concrete jungle. I do enjoy challenging myself both physically and mentally and it’s about time I got out of cruise control and found a new challenge. I love running and I was a pretty good runner with a sub 19minute 5km a few years ago. So I’m going to have a bash at putting these two together to see if sparks fly. The Hillary will be my virgin off-road run.

Unfortunately I’m one to give all or nothing when I have a crack at something which means that I’m self-developing the city slickers version of a training programme to whip myself into shape. It started with stair climb intervals yesterday and my legs are furious about that idea today – but they’ll get used to it. 59 Days to go.

Why Would I Be Good:

I have three basic criteria that make me a good choice.

I’m committed to the event

For this you need someone who is actually going to go through with the run. They can’t back out half way through when the enthusiasm for that great idea suddenly fades in the face of a 10km training run. From your perspective you’re reading this going ‘how do we know that this guy won’t pike on us?’ Unfortunately I’ve told Richard Moyle that I’m going to do the event and so unless I want to face his wrath I’d better be there when the gun goes off.

I can write

Since you have to back yourself and be in to win I’m going to claim that I can write and at least be somewhat engaging when I do. Probably more importantly I have recently discovered that  I enjoy it. This means that you are going to get regular content that is engaging and that people will want to read.

I know what is going on

If we go straight to the bottom of this (at the risk of being direct), this is a promotional initiative for UltrAspire and for the event. You are looking for awareness of both the event and UltrAspire and would like to create engagement with the community that is created around the event. I work in marketing and so understand not only what you are trying to achieve but the chance that you take on a person like me to make it successful for you. Because I understand the chance that you would take on me, I will make it my commitment to deliver something positive for you.

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