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Introducing our 2nd UltrAspire Hillary Aspirer – Kat

Following on from our introduction of Caleb yesterday our second UltrAspire Hillary Aspirer is Kat Reynolds.  The Aspirers will be sharing their lead up to The Hillary event on the 14th March. 

Here is Kat’s application and we look forward to hearing her build up to the event.  Kat is less experienced than Caleb from yesterday, having just gotten into running a couple of years ago.  Tomorrow we’ll introduce our newbie – Russell who is doing the 16km event.

I’d love to be considered to be an UltrAsprire Hillary Aspirer!  I have entered the 34km for the second time this year and I am already insanely excited.
I have only been trail running competitively for two years and picked up running just three years ago. When I first started running the sole purpose was to help me lose weight, I was a touch over 90kg (at 1.55m tall this was horribly unhealthy) when I went for my first run in Feb 2012. At first I hated it, I would jog the trails out the back of the Domain in Auckland or out in Riverhead forest to avoid being seen by anyone because I was so self conscious about how I looked when I ran. It was a few months before I started enjoying running and a few more before I was addicted. Fast forward to today and I have lost 30kg, run too many half marathons to count, won the Coast to Coast Mountain Run in 2014 and ran my first road marathon in Queenstown last November. The Hillary (alongside Goat Kaimai which is 2 weeks after Hillary) is one of my training goals at the moment. When I raced the Hillary last year, it was the longest run I had ever done and I learnt a lot about race strategy, especially the importance of hydration and nutrition and I hope to take these lessons into the race this year and improve my time.
I think I would make a great UltrAspire Hillary runner because I can relate to so many different kinds of people who will be competing in the Hillary. I have been the brand new runner terrified that I won’t be able to make it to the finish line, I have been the runner who walked more of a trail run than what I ran, I am the runner that loves finding off-the-beaten-track races which take me to wonderful locations around New Zealand and I am now the runner who sets their sights on finishing smart, strong and ideally on the podium.
Thanks for your consideration,
Kat Reynolds
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