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Introducing our 1st UltrAspire Hillary Aspirer – Caleb

Here is Caleb’s application letter….

Once upon a time there was a handsome young prince. He wasn’t available for this fairytale so instead we’ll focus on a scraggly, ugly, struggling runner who dreamed of becoming a UltrAspire runner in the upcoming Hillary race.

Caleb was a great runner in his early years, but from age 13 to 26 suffered from a condition called “Lazy Shit” where the subject enjoys copious amounts of food, drink, and cigarettes and a non existent amount of exercise. After stubbing out his smoking habits and getting some sort of exercise regime happening, Caleb spent a few years running in all sorts of events, and after joining the Hamilton City Hawks for a couple of years even managed to get his running level up to “slightly above average.”

But then Caleb had three young boys and his spare time for exercising disappeared. Caleb then left his job in radio (as Creative Director, writing award winning radio ads, which would make him perfect for writing entertaining running blogs every week by the way) and started a new job as part of the small 2% of male early childhood teachers in New Zealand. Because all this is all new to Caleb he also has to study full time to get his teaching degree. So with a full time job, full time work and three young children Caleb has to work extra hard to fit in his training, and he has probably slipped back to “mid packer” or “first time ultra trail runner”…but if he was to become an UltrAspire runner it would give him a solid focus and encourage him to train his arse off (metaphorically).

Caleb would be perfect for this role, because just like Hillary, Caleb has knocked a couple of “bastards” off too. In 2012 Caleb set a Guinness World Record for the Fastest Half marathon…(in an animal costume)…dressed as a Kiwi at the Huntly Half Marathon. In 2013 Caleb entered the NZ Masters Games in 15 events…many of which he’d never attempted before…and won 15 medals (9 gold, 6 silver). In 2013, after never having run further than a marathon, and even then struggling from around the 30km mark, Caleb entered the Sri Chinmoy 12 hour race. He did O.K…running 102km non-stop and winning the 12 hour title overall. Caleb’s latest escapade was finishing a Half Ironman in Rotorua last month (just to see if he could squeeze training for three disciplines into his already packed life).

So that’s the end of the story…or is it. Does the Lactic Turkey come to save the prince…I mean, scraggly, ugly runner…by asking him to become an UltrAspire runner, or does Caleb simply fade into obscurity as the guy who once dressed up like a Kiwi and ran a race and got some record. Will there be a fairytale ending…I hope so.

PS- I haven’t actually entered the Hillary race yet due to being a full time worker, full time student and having 3 young children…AKA “poor”…but if I am successful with getting this gig then I will definitely enter within the next few weeks.

Anyway, thanks again for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.
Lots of love….sorry…wrong letter…
Regards, Caleb Koia-Hamling

Sent from my iPad (PS again…I’m not a rich ponce with an iPad either…I won this in a prize draw at the 2013 NZ Masters Games. Good score aye!)

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