Introducing Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Jared

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Introducing Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Jared

Hey Folks,

I don’t know how I suckered my way into this gig. Apparently I’ve fooled the team at Lactic Turkey, so over the next few months I’ll keep up the charade as some sort of inspirer and I do hope you get something out of following my journey to the finish line.

I’m Jared, the newbie to this event and in many ways running as well. I’m 35 and I started running in the last year. I’ve never been too athletic. As a kid my claim to fame was being the fastest kid in the school, but that diminished as I turned to music in the hope of getting a rock star girlfriend. I’m still looking… I never became a rock star either. As a day job, I work in the mental health sector managing a service on the North Shore. It can be fairly stressful work so I tend live a quiet life outside of the job.

I’ve always wanted to get into running, but hangovers and cigarettes seemed to get in the way of anything serious. Despite that, I did get inspired more recently through several factors (which I will bring up over the next few writings) and that keeps me pushing forward. So nearing the end of last year I started running, giving myself the grace to grow slowly and enjoy the process…


broken yet again… Riverhead forest mud is dangerous.

11th February 2016, 19:23. I find myself driving myself to hospital in extreme pain. I didn’t know what was wrong at that time but apparently a broken clavicle can require surgery and cause months of recovery and interfere with plans of getting your trail shoes dirty. Who knew touch rugby could cause so much damage?  

25th September 2016, 14:21. I find myself driving myself to hospital in extreme pain. I didn’t know what was wrong at the time but apparently a fracture to the greater tuberosity (top of arm) can… Well actually I don’t know what it requires. I’m still recovering but surgery shouldn’t be on the cards. The MRI and CT scans coming up should tell the story. Who knew trail running could cause so much damage? Well maybe we all did.

It’s so discouraging when you find inspiration to do something for you and life gets in the way. But, that’s what running is about right? It’s about you and you only. You, doing something that either you are inspired to do, or at the very least think you should be doing. When barriers get in the way, the motivation drys up, unless your motivating factors for running are bigger than the drama of life.

Look, I’ve struggled through this year. It’s been a nightmare to be honest,  for more reasons than injuries, and I’m still going through it. There have been some good things though, there are always good things. I’ve been learning a lot about myself through my running and love getting new insights through reading, seeing and experiencing.


Somebody save me!

I’m really looking forward to The Hillary. I’ve had to cancel a few events this year and I’m starting again in my running journey. In doing the 16km and I want to smash it, not just finish it. There is one issue though. That trail is hard. I died a small death trying some of it a few months back. So I’m going to throw myself at this full force and get ready as best I can, just after I finish this beer.

Come along for the ride.

Jared. (@runrookie on insta)


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