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This page is a bit of an index of all the information available so have a good read.

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General Information

  • Course Overview
  • Cut off Details
  • Aid Stations
  • Waitakere Ranges Park Stewardship
  • Compulsory Clothing and Equipment
  • Course Markings
  • Kauri Dieback Footwash Stations
  • Buses to the start of the 34km and 16km events

Timetable & Key Venues

  • Timetable
  • Registration Venue
  • Start of the 80km
  • Start of the 34km
  • Start of the 16km
  • Start of the Prize Giving

Course Details

  • Detailed Course Description
  • Map of Course
  • Elevation chart

Pacers, Crew/Supporters and Dropbags

  • Support areas and notes
  • Pacers

Kauri Dieback Management

  • What are Kauri Trees?
  • What is Kauri Dieback?
  • How does it spread?
  • What does it do to the Kauri?
  • Prevention
  • What are we doing for the event?

Health & Safety, Rules and the Fine Print

  • Copy of Participant Declaration to be Signed Upon Entry to The Hillary
  • The Official Important Stuff We Have To Say – Rules, Hazards and Risks Communication to Participant


  • The Hillary Trail
  • Waitakere Ranges History


  • How to enter
  • Limited Entries and Waiting List
  • Entry Fees
  • Late Entries
  • Categories
  • Refund Policy