Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Rebekah learns the meaning of ‘Safe Grip, Free Mind’

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Rebekah learns the meaning of ‘Safe Grip, Free Mind’

Last week a magnificent parcel arrived in the mail from Everyrun, whoa what a treat!!!  To start with I best just be honest, part of the reason I signed up for the blog writing is I really fancied a pair of new shoes.  My old shoes are getting weary and rather malodorous so it was about time. Off I tootled to pick up a pair of the same old shoe I’ve been wearing forever (preferably last seasons at a bargain price) to be greeted with the unwelcome news that not only have they been discontinued but that there are none left in my size anywhere!  Therefore my ears pricked up at the mention of free ones.

icebug-mistWell, what a treat the Icebugs are! I chose the Mist. They are so grippy!  So light!  So ventilated!  I’ve been nursing an ankle injury for ages and been running anything remotely technical with … a walking pace – not so with these bad boys!  Speed work has been speedier, down hills have been faster, rocky bits have actually been run over … you get the idea.  I’m so very happy with these shoes and have told many people of their many good qualities.  So much so that as I type this hubby Steve is out running in a pair of Icebugs (he ordered two pairs) he ordered online last week due to my rave reviews.

The socks, do not forget the socks!  Also included was a pair of CEP ‘short socks’.  Winners as well.  I’m not really sure what is most magical in transforming my confidence in my wee ankle injury, the shoes, the socks or the combo.  These socks are super snug around the ankle providing proprioceptive feedback to the injured area.  I like these socks so much that I have been known to wear them for more than one run before washing (we have not got a laundry at present but that’s a different story) as I really don’t want to do without them.  Well, I guess I just need to order more. Like the shoes I’ve sung their praises high and low and hopefully those among us with ankles that could do with a little more support will give them a go and find them just as wonderful as I do.

Thanks very much BadAssRunner for the great products!

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