Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Rebekah gets to the nitty-gritty of what gets her out the door.

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Rebekah gets to the nitty-gritty of what gets her out the door.

So there I was, fully caffeinated and trying to take a nap at 10am after my son decided we’d get up at 4am, only to realise … holy cow! My training has been going well, I bet I could complete the 80km! I could so do it! I’d do it for Jake and with Jake in my heart. Okay, lets back up the bus, who is Jake? Why would I run into a world of pain for him? Why is he in my heart?

Jake’s a sweet wee guy, three years old, lover of sandpits, trains and toy tractors that have removable trailers. We attend the same Playcentre. Mid last year he developed epilepsy which resulted in physical limitations so severe he couldn’t walk without maximal assistance from a strong adult. So there we were, Jake and I and his Mum, hanging at Playcentre playing inside with the trains, when Jake told me he wanted to go out to the sandpit. I helped Jake to his feet and we began the journey outside. Carefully Jake lifted his left foot and moved it forward then placing it carefully, next the right foot, while crouching behind Jake and holding him upright I used my right foot to help slide his right foot forward. We repeated this dance/walk for a few minutes to go the few meters to the steps off the deck. With maximal assistance from two adults Jake walked down the steps. The sandpit still a good few meters off I offered to ‘fly’ Jake over. “No! I want to walk!”. There it was, my light bulb moment. This guy wanted to go somewhere, it wasn’t easy, but he was going and under his own steam. I’ve never seen commitment like that before. Ever. An easy option was handed to this guy on a silver platter, a ‘flight’ or run a marathon. He chose the marathon. Jake became my inspiration to train really well, no easy options, run every interval as fast as I could, every puffy run at maximal sustainable heart rate … you get the idea.  I can, so why shouldn’t I?!

So I’ve rolled this idea around in my head and through my ever patient husbands too. Why would I run 80km? Because I can and because it would hurt, because it seems a few spots have come open due to other entrants injuries.  Sounds good enough.  80km is a long way. Ultimately not the best idea though. Steve helped me think my race decision through. I can enter the world of pain on the 34km event too!!! Oh yes! I’ve never entered an event I knew I could finish, up until this one. Training has gone well and my initial goal was to finish. Now my goal is to go absolutely as fast as I can, aiming to leave the back of the pack where I usually enjoy my run and move towards the middle of the pack (note: move towards … not overtake, lets be rational here). I will keep Jake and his marathon and his gorgeous grin in mind and I too will move forward with determination!

So what motivates you?  Who motivates you?  Who will you hold in your head and heart when you run?  Have a think on this one in advance … I’m sure it’ll help during the big day!

So there it is folks.  My cards are on the table.  My training is going well (apart from when it isn’t, and that’s time availability limited not effort).  I’m going to keep putting one foot in front of the other, as fast as I can, enter that world of pain and ridiculous heart rates and run run run The Hillary Challenge.

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