Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Jared raves about his new gear

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Jared raves about his new gear

The holiday period seems to multiply the mood you are in. Those who are low become  lower, those that are happy are over the moon. Then there are those who are low in motivation… gah! I’ve started my training and it’s going okay, but not great. I’m not loving it as much as I have in the past. I’m not feeling the benefits much yet.

So when you were given nothing that you actually wanted for Christmas, it’s time to get motivated by getting into new gear. I was lucky enough to be given some items by The Hillary sponsors Icebug and CEP.
Icebug Acceleritas4: These shoes are quite interesting, the uppers are a weird material that seem like they should be on a 1970s tent, but they move amazing, are great for drainage and are super light. The soles on the Icebug shoes are such a point of difference from all others. I have never come across a sticky sole before. It’s quite a weird thing to try out. I’ve come to grief on quite a few surfaces before but these can handle a lot. I feel like a soccer mum in an SUV in Takapuna taking them out at the moment because I just can’t test them beyond their capabilities. They out-do my ability every time. The Acceleritas range are the minimalist shoe, so you get a bit of ground feel which I love. These shoes are light, fast and just a great shoe. Perfect for The Hillary 16km.

CEP calf sleeve 2.0 : These are spectacular. I feel like a kick boxer athlete as soon as I put them on. While running, they help me keep my mind on my form and particularly relaxing my ankles which tend to stiffen up. They really help in recovery by leaving them on after a long run. Due to changing my running technique recently, they have helped with using new muscles too. An extra bonus of these calf sleeves is they help me out on tracks where grass is over-grown. I tend to be allergic to grass…  my skin welts up as I brush up against it but with these on my skin is all good – problem solved!

CEP compression socks: I usually wear no-show socks so wearing these is taking a bit of time to get use to. I have found they add support to the ankle like the sleeves and remind me to focus on  staying relaxed. I also have old injuries in my feet which seem to relax with the close fit. Thankfully the toes don’t feel cramped in the socks though.

CEP top: A little heavier than my usual running top but still does a great job of keeping me dry on the run. It feels great and looks great too.  I haven’t taken it out for a super long run so I’m  looking forward to putting it through its paces.

Icebug or CEP headwear: I a fan of the bandana. Its a versatile piece of equipment. They have saved me while super cold in the past and they are great for keeping sweat out of my eyes in the hot summer… MY EYES MY EYES, I CAN’T SEE!!! You can wrap them on your wrist as well to use them as a sweat wipe if you don’t like it on ya head; messing up your perfect running hair.

Happy running folks, try BadassRunner website to have a closer look at these products. They are quality product and a point of difference from the regular brands that you see around.

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