Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Jared gives us his raceday rundown

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Jared gives us his raceday rundown

Yus, it is done! What a fun day that was!

The 16 k’ers headed off in to the heat just on 1400. The fast bunch spirited to the hills gathering space to stretch their legs. The rest of us fell into some sort of line and edged our way up the hill. Like lambs to the slaughter?

As planned I took it easy but ended up passing groups finding solace in the shade. As the group edged closer to the top of the first hill we spread out to face the heat and the photographer.  I was so happy that I had hydrated well over the days before the race; it kept me in going well despite the crazy heat.

I enjoyed the views and the people around me. Some faces changed, others popped up from time to time like old friends on the same journey. As we made our way to the stairs of doom, several people started to fatigue and lose whatever they had left in their stomach. That path will forever be known to me as vom valley!

Really appreciated the Aid Station after the stairs. That watermelon never tasted so good. I made my way down towards the finish line, bumping into the infamous Jenny Hirst, the bubbly lass who smoked me through the trees, “woop wooping” her way to the finish line, the casual Constable Road bathroom stopper (the person who I saw most of during the race) who put her foot down to catch me and pass me in the last few kms. I really need to work on my finish! Having James Kuegler acknowledge me at the end and not ripping me apart for not keeping good form was nice… but I knew he was thinking it. So happy to have finished and am already thinking what distance to tackle next year. I hope you can all take something from your experience even if the result was not what you were hoping for.

I really want to say a massive thanks to Icebug, CEP compression wear, Tailwind, Photos4sale and Lactic Turkey Events for this amazing experience. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was blown away by the event. It is so good to now be in recovery from all the broken bones last year and complete such a crazy course without damaging myself further.  It’s a start of the running journey and I hope to see you guys out on the trails real soon.

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