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Updated 8 November 2017


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Limited Entries and Waiting List

80km Ultra SkyMarathon Event (Limited to 125 participants) 50% of spaces taken of permitted limit
34km SkyRace Event (Limited to 250 participants) 52% of spaces taken of permitted limit
16km Run or Walk Event (Limited to 300 participants) 41% of spaces taken of permitted limit

Entries have been restricted in our Auckland Council permit as this is a trial of the event at a managed number so the Council can monitor the impact of the event on the Regional Park and more importantly the management of Kauri Dieback.

2017 entries are limited by our council consent to the following but have allowance to grow each year:

  • 80km Ultra SkyMarathon – 125 entrants
  • 34km SkyRace – 225 entrants
  • 16km – 250 entrants

Given the limits there will be a first in, first served policy with the exception of 5 entries held and used for competition winners and/or international elite runners.  A waiting list will be implemented.  As you enter you will be alerted if the entry quota is full.  If alerted you will be given the option of entering and thus continuing  to enter all of the relevant details or you can select one of the other courses.  Whether you choose to go on the waiting list or enter the 34km event, when your name gets to the top of the waiting list as someone pulls out you’ll be notified and can log on and make a payment to confirm your entry.