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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer and 8okm conquerer Tom tells us about his epic day

I DID IT!!! Despite an injured IT Band and not running for over 5 weeks in the lead up to The Hillary, at 8:48pm on Saturday, I defied all odds and crossed the finish line! While it was only ever about finishing the race, I finished 61st out of the 102 entrants that started the [...]

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Jared gives us his raceday rundown

Yus, it is done! What a fun day that was! The 16 k’ers headed off in to the heat just on 1400. The fast bunch spirited to the hills gathering space to stretch their legs. The rest of us fell into some sort of line and edged our way up the hill. Like lambs to [...]

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Rebekah gives us the low-down on her race day highs

That's it.  DONE!! Goal fulfilled and one happy me!  The above photo pretty much sums up my day: I was running my own race, out to prove to myself I could put in a big effort and sustain it for 34km, not out to beat anyone, just work hard.  Honestly, why else muster up a [...]

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