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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Brent gets us up close and personal with… well, with Brent.

Since things have been going well and we’ve been getting to know each other a bit better over the past few weeks, I think that we can get a little bit more serious for a moment, but only a little as I’m not that kind of guy. My thinking is that if I’m meant to [...]

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The very experienced Icebug/CEP Inspirer Rob gives us trail running tips

Technically Speaking… When I began trail running seriously and set out to research and read as much as I could about the subject, one thing that puzzled me somewhat were all these references to ‘Technical Trails’. I couldn’t quite reconcile the term ‘Technical’ with my own experience of wilderness paths and wild landscapes. My background [...]

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Zara ponders ‘why run?!’

It’s 6:15am and I’m in my running gear, standing at the laundry door, watching the sun rise through sleepy eyes. My body still feels like it’s back in bed and I’m sleep deprived from staying out late with friends the night before, but I’m about to put myself through 90 mins of physical exertion that’ll [...]

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer sorts out his running. And his breathing.

“Right,” said Claire, “Lie flat on your back and breathe.” “Ok”, I thought, “I can do this.” As it happens, I can’t. (Or at least, not very well). Apparently something the rest of the human race learned on arrival and relegated to automatic behaviour escaped me for some reason. This bodes not well for my [...]

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Icebug/CEP Inspirer Zara let’s us all in on her training secrets

In the build up to any event, planning your training can be a finicky thing. There’s always the questions of how fast, how often, and how far, to determine that little sweet spot between training enough to improve your fitness without over-exhausting yourself or causing injury (although I’m no expert at getting this right. In [...]

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Icebug/CEP Inspirer Brent faces some home truths in preparing for his longest run yet

So as we launch into 2016, at full speed (that's about 9:30min/km for me), some home truths are starting to sink in; in 2 weeks I have the Tussock and in 6 weeks, I would have popped my proverbial Hillary cherry and will be enjoying an ice(bug?) cold beer. To say that the nerves aren’t [...]

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Rob puts his new Icebug Anima’s to the test

At the western end of Ohope Beach, where the Gorge Road curves away up and over the hill to Whakatane, there is a small car park on the left and a carved gateway marking the beginning of a track. It is late afternoon of New Year’s Eve and the temperature is up in the high [...]

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Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer Brent tells us of great gear …and earworms

And now for my second trick I shall wow you with tales of new shoes and earworms. First up the Gear Review: I'm going to jump into the IceBug section of the to be expected sponsors gear review quite early for a number of reasons which I'll cover off as we go. When I signed [...]

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Icebug/CEP Inspirer Zara’s ‘How To Guide’ to Long Distance and Trail Running

If you aren’t an avid runner already, you may be reading this blog to find out how to get into long distance or trail running. It’s simple really - if you want to become a trail runner, find some trails and run them. Boom. Trail runner. If you would like to become a long distance [...]

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Introducing Rob Edkins – 2016 Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer

Be careful what you ask for; you might get it. In my own case I happily emailed off a random stream of consciousness loosely related to trail running in the hope of scoring some free stuff and now somewhat unexpectedly find myself in possession of said freebies, but committed to regularly sharing my trials and [...]

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Introducing Brent Tucker – Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer

Good day, my name is Brent and I’ll be one of your Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirers this year. I work as the Operations Manager/engineer/dogs body for Revolution Fibres, a nanotech company in Henderson. Fitting running in around the job, wife and two preschool daughters proves to be a bit of a challenge at times. However getting [...]

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Introducing Zara Fowell – 2016 Icebug/CEP Hillary Inspirer!

Many of you reading this may relate to others saying “hey, I saw you running the other day…” to which your mind casts back to some point in a run when you were saturated with sweat, mouth gaping, limbs swinging clumsily with fatigue, and praying no one would see you in such a state. Yeah, [...]

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