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2015 Another happy UltrAspire Hillary Aspirer Caleb reviews some of his new UltrAspire gear

Caleb vs His Thirst Firstly, wow...what an amazing country we live in: being able to run on breathtaking trails like I was lucky enough to run on this evening. Unlike some countries we don't have dangerous animals, weirdos hiding in bushes, and the Kiwi surroundings are just so awesome. My latest run  (picture attached) took [...]

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2015 UltrAspire Hillary Aspirer Kat – Why the Hillary?!

As a first post by our UltrAspire Hillary Aspirers we asked why?  What motivated them to enter the Hillary?? Below are Kat Reynolds' thoughts on why she entered Hillary this year and what she aims to get out of it.... My older brother has always been quite an influence for me when it comes to [...]

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The Aussies are coming!

Exciting news on The Hillary 80km Ultra SkyMarathon race - we have some good strong runners coming from Australia for the event to join the kiwis on The Hillary.  Both Beth Cardelli and Scott Hawker (a kiwi based in Australia) are making the trip across the ditch to race the 80km event! Scott [...]

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2015 Introducing our 4th UltrAspire Hillary Aspirer – Russell

Last but not least in the UltrAspire Hillary Aspirers who are sharing their lead up to The Hillary event on the 14th March in return for a kit out of UltrAspire gear is Russell.  Russell is our newbie or least experienced runner of the group so it will be good to see what he learns [...]

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