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Reply from the Mayor of Auckland

Dear Mr Collins, Thank you for your email to the Mayor. Mayor Brown has asked for an investigation into this matter and for a report to be provided. We will respond once this report has been received and considered. Thank you again for your email.

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Just another update on the Council declining the event.

A bunch of supporters emailed the councillors asking them questions like: "Why is the proposed Hillary Trail event not on the agenda for discussion at the Parks, Recreation and Heritage Forum meeting you are attending tomorrow?   This is despite the Auckland Council Staff recommending the event should go ahead in a report that was due [...]

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Some bad news on The Hillary event I’m afraid.

I have just received word from the Council that my application has been declined! Very disappointing given all indications were that it would be approved. The recommendation from the parks rangers was that the event proceed. The application was delayed while the biosecurity team prepared a special report on the risks the event placed on [...]

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2 page spread in the NZ Herald about the Hillary Trail

Just a cheeky 2 page spread in the NZ Herald about the Hillary Trail, the planned event on the trail (The Hillary), the Hillary double, Vicki Woolley and the all round goodness of why we run it. Link to the article here  -

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Update on permit process

Hi everyone – just a quick update regarding the event, after I received an update from Council. The submissions closed and they have evaluated them all (17) and from these have identified that Kauri dieback was the main issue. So they have asked the Council Biosecurity team to prepare a report on the impact an [...]

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Some press on The Hillary.

Got home from holiday and found 7 copies of the local rag, the Western Leader with a front cover article on The Hillary and what I'm having to do to get council approval.It discusses the public consultation meeting, the main concern - kauri dieback, and invites people to make a submission in support or outlining [...]

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Some feedback from the public consultation meeting on Monday for THE HILLARY event….

It was an interesting night to hear all the different community groups views on the planned Hillary Trail event - some very positive, some very negative and a few in between. This is pretty much what I’ve experienced for the last three months of attending different consultation meetings. After each of these meetings I come [...]

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